Dealga’s Tree Consultancy Ltd is the official site for Dr Dealga O’Callaghan who has practised as an Arboricultural Consultant for over 25 years. Based in Liverpool it offers services throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Dealga’s Tree Consultancy provides quality advice, guidance and services on all matters relating to trees. We provide a highly professional and reliable service for managing the interface between trees, people and the built environment.

The importance of trees in cities, towns, villages and the countryside is recognised by all. Trees have become the great symbol of the environment for most people. Concern for the proper retention and management of trees has never been higher. Perceived threats to trees invariably result in public outcry. The strength of feeling people have towards trees, Forests and woodlands was clearly evident in the public outcry against the Government’s proposals to sell off Britain’s Forest Estate to private owners.

Our strengths lie in our skills in effective communication with home / land owners, local authorities, developers, architects, engineers and allied professionals as stakeholders in Britain & Ireland’s tree, forest and woodland population. We can provide advice guidance and assistance in resolving conflicts between trees and the built environment.

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