Applications for consent to undertake works on trees that are the subjects of Tree Preservation Orders can now be made online via the new 1APP electronic submission system.

The Government has provided detailed advice on the use of 1APP and the requirements for an application to be validated. The Dept of Communities Circular 02/2008 and its associated Guidance Document are now in force. Local Planning Authorities can refuse to validate applications if the required supporting information is incomplete or missing. In addition to the 1APP form, the documentation required depends upon the reason for the tree works set out in the application.

For Routine Tree Work including work to Dangerous Trees – A report from a qualified Arbiculturist is required.

Where Tree Related Subsidence is the reason for the work: A number of supporting reports are required including but not limited to:

  • A Structrual Engineer’s Report describing the damage;
  • A Report from a qualified / competent Arboriculturist;
  • Soil Analysis Report;
  • Evidence of building movement such as crack monitoring data;
  • Proposals for repairs and the indicative costs of the repairs.

Where the trees are on a development site the following documents are required as a minimum:

  • A full and detailed tree survey that complies to the requirements of BS5837, ’Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction – Recommendations’;
  • A Tree Constraints Plan to scale showing the survey information, tree removal and retention categories; root protection areas etc;
  • An assessment of the arboricultural implcations of the development giving details of removals/retention; the type aand construction of protective fencing; service runs etc;
  • Arboricultural Method Statements giving details of tree protection measures, implemantation and phasing of the works; arboricultural site supervision, etc;
  • All documents must be prepared by a qualified / competent Arboriculturist.

Dealga’s Tree Consultancy can undertake or arrange for all relevant documentation to be prepared and submitted.

Where developers are looking at potential development sites, we can undertake pre-purchase Tree Constraints Analysis that will inform the developer as to what is likely to be achieved on site.

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