Utility Arboriculture

Dr O’Callaghan has considerable experience of Utility Arboriculture having worked as Principal Consultant for Environmental Consultants International Ltd (ECI) in the 1990s and more recently as Tree & Vegetation Policy & Procedures Manager for E.ON UK | Central Networks. Some of his publications, together with relevant publications from ECI on utility Arboriculture are available as downloads below.

© 2011, dealgas-treeconsultancy.co.ukUtility tree and vegetation mngt.pdf

© 2011, dealgas-treeconsultancy.co.ukUtilityArboricultureInUK.pdf

© 2011, dealgas-treeconsultancy.co.ukelectricity conductors.Arb.Mag..pdf

© 2011, dealgas-treeconsultancy.co.ukAdvances in Utility Arb Research 2011.pdf

© 2011, dealgas-treeconsultancy.co.ukThe Right Tree Right Place – It works_ECI_09-12-2011.pdf

© 2011, dealgas-treeconsultancy.co.ukTGR-Paper.-Arb-Mag.-2013.-41-43-final.pdf

© 2011, dealgas-treeconsultancy.co.ukOCallaghan-PBZ-Torino-2014.pdf

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