Planning & Development

Trees are but one of the constraints to securing a planning permisssion for a development. At Dealga’s Tree Consultancy we understand how to progress the issues efficiently because we know what the Local Planning Authorities need, and we have the expertise to produce the full range of detail that is required. This ability is borne out of many years experience in working with Tree Officers and LPAs. We can deal with everything from the pre-application discussions through to discharge of planning conditions, we can minimise delays becuse we can deliver what the LPA wants, when it is required and in a format the LPA requires. We understand tht delays cost and we minimise these for you.

We take particular pride in our ability to develop rational and innovative solutions to tree problems on site. We are innovative in our approach from Dealga’s initial development of the concept of the Arboricultural Implications Study and Arboricultural Method Statemens that are now the norm, to total constraints analysis; tree constraints plans; tree friendly hard surfaces; novel tree protection solutions and much more.

Through our network of associated professionals we can also deal with ecological and landscape constraints if they arise.

We provide top quality services in the following areas:

  • General Consulting Advice (initial site appraisals and discussion of options)
  • Pre-purchase Tree Constraints Reports
  • Pre-purchase general constraints (ecology & landscape) reports
  • BS5837 Tree Surveys
  • Arboricultural Impact Assessments
  • Arboricultural Method Statements
  • Tree Constraints Plans
  • Planning & Design Statements in relation to trees, landscape & ecology
  • Negotiations with Local Planning Authorities
  • Contract Managemement & site supervision
  • Appeals & Public Inquiries
  • Schedule 4 Paragraph 9 Hearings for the electric utilities

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