Tree Health Care & Tree Management

We can develop Tree Health Care (THC) Management Programmes and once developed we will oversee and oversee implementation by contractors we have quality checked. We can mange the tender process and assess the submitted tenders and advise on best value for our clients.

Our THC Programmes conform to the revised and updated British Standard for Tree Works, BS3998: 2010 ‘Tree Work – Recommendations’, which places emphasis upon care for the soil and the rooting environment. We can arrange for soil de-compaction and aeration; vertical mulching; mycorrhizal application; fertilization as appropriate; irrigation and pest & disease control.

This service includes:

  • Diagnostic testing for internal decay and structural faults
  • Specifications for pruning and maintenence work
  • Treatment of the soil and rooting environment
  • Fertilisation, irrigation, and root control
  • Mycorrhizal treatments
  • Ongoing monitoring of the trees’ responses to the prescribed treatments using the most up to date techniques, tools & equipment
  • Transplanting large trees for specific landscape or development projects
  • New tree planting schemes with empahsis upon ‘Right Tree : Right Place’
  • Tenders, Specifications & Schedules of Work
  • Project Management

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