Tree Related Subsidence

Tree Related Subsidence is one of the largest liabilities that insurers have to meet. Research has shown that the only viable solution to prevent reoccurrance in most cases is the removal of the tree(s) that have been shown to be the cause(s) of the damage. However, many Local Authorities and Landowners often refuse to allow the trees to be removed and this leads to conflict and in some instances legal proceedings.

This is a complex area that requires specialist knowledge and experience to interpret what is going on and to gather the correct level of evidence to establish whether or not a tree(s) is a material cause of the damage. Specialist knowledge and experience is also required to interpret claims made in subsidence.

Dr O’Callaghan has considerable experience in this area and has dealt with hundreds of claims over the last 10 years. He has published two authoratitive papers on the subject (click on ‘Resources’ to access these) and is a respected Consultant in this area of work. He can provide the following services in Tree Related Subsidence:

  • Tree Related Subsidence Arboricultural Assessment Reports
  • Arboricultural Assessment Reports for Mortgage Purposes
  • Arboricultural Reports for Insurers
  • Arboricultural Opnion Reports for Loss Adjusters, Engineers & Solicitors
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Specialised Training Course in Tree Related Subsidence for (1) Local Authority Tree Officers & Highway Inspectors; (2) Consulting Arboriculturists; and (3) Building Surveyors.

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