Tree Risk Management

In recent times tree failures that have caused property damage, personal injury or death have been widely publicised. The outcome of these cases has resulted in the Courts re-emphasising the duty of care that Landowners owe to the public. Landowners and their insurers are keen to minimize the risks of trees failing and causing personal injury and / or damage to property.

In the case of Poll v Bartholmew [2006], the Court took the view that persons who inspect trees should be qualified, trained and experienced inspectors, i.e. Level 2 Inspectors. By contrast in Atkins v Scott [2008] the Court decided that an informal inspection by persons not trained in Arboriculture or Forestry but who’s duties included day to day contact with trees was sufficient to discharge the duty of care. It has become apparent, if not an established requirement, that in order to discharge their duty of care, Lanowners should have a system of regular inspection in place for thir own protection. This was emphasised in Micklewright v Surrey County Council [2010]

We can provide services to assist Landowners to ensure that they have adequate tree inspection and assessment systems in place. We offer the following services:

  • Tree Hazard Evaluation / Assessment
  • Tree Risk Management Plans
  • Assessment of existing tree management systems for Landowners and Local Authorities
  • Post failure investigations

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