Tree Valuation

What is a fair and acceptable monetary value of a tree(s) or woodland(s)? This question first arose in Britain when the penalty for violation of a TPO was set at a fine (of a pre-set amount) or “twice the value of the tree, whichever the Court deems to be the greater”. Back in the late 1960s when the modern TPO system really started, the amount of the fine was set at ‘not exceeding GB£200′ the concept of assigning a value to the amenity that trees provide was attractive as the value often exceeded the £200 maximum fine. The ‘Helliwell System’ of valuation of amenity trees & woodlands was developed and is still in use. However, the current maximum fine is GB£20,000 and the system can struggle to produce a higher value.

In recent times a need has developed to value trees for different reasons. For example a person felling his/her neighbour’s tree without consent, or damaging its form irreberably through bad pruning / topping. The system devised by the Council of Tree & Landscape Appraisers (CTLA) in the United States has been adapted for the UK. This is a Depreciated Replacement Cost (DRC) approach, thts is more applicable to loss and damage cases than the ‘Amenity Valuation’ approach in Helliwell.

Whichever system is the more approriate, we can provide the following services:

  • Calculation the monetary value of trees
  • Visual Amenity Valuation
  • Discounted Replacement Cost (DRC) Valuations
  • Capital Valuation of Tree & Woodland Resources
  • Timber Valuation
  • Boundary Disputes

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