Woodland Management

Management of Woodlands has never been as important as it is now The importance of woodlands cannot be over-emphasised as they contribute to sequestration of carbon; absorb atmospheric pollution; contribute oxygen to the atmosphere and provide a variety of habitats. They have a special place in the hearts and minds of the public as was evidenced recently in the public outcry against the Government proposals to sell off the nation’s forest estate to the private sector.

Much of the woodland in Britain is located on large estates, golf courses, public open spaces, on local authority land etc. Some is managed by private charities / non-government organisations such as the National Trust, The Woodland Trust, the National Forest Company and the Community Woodlands such as the Mersey Forest and the Red Rose Forest. Some Local Authorities undertake pro-active management of woodlands on their land for the benefit of the community; Leeds City Council is a flagship example in this area.

We offer the following services in respect of Woodland Management:

  • Survey & Assessment of Woodlands
  • Production of Woodland Management Plans
  • Applications for Grant Aid, Felling Licences etc.
  • Ancient Woodlands

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